Thinking Outside the Box Is Our Full Time Job.

The traditional MSP (managed service provider) model is not always the best fit for organisations looking for creative and inventive solutions to support their staff and customers. MJWebs acts as an independant IT firm that can be engaged as an extension of your existing IT department or as a replacement. Our core activity is the end-to-end management of IT projects including ideation, quotation, implementation and outcome assessment.


IT projects delivered in Australia since 2018


retention of all net-new customers after 3 years

Sydney, Australia

Failure Is The Way Forward

The ability to fail fast is our most important value.

MJWebs believes that each failure and it's associated circumstances form a large part of our value proposition to our customers. Based on our exceptionally long list of failures, MJWebs is unmatched in experience and wisdom.

We believe that failure forms a large component of our value proposition.

We look forward to the next mistake because that's how we ensure our processes and products are the best they can be.

" We measure the success of each customer engagement as the level of ingenuity in response to a business use-case and it's implementation within an acceptable timeframe and budget. "

Mitchell Musarra