We're here to solve big problems.

MJWebs is a research-driven software development firm in Sydney supporting meaningful projects and initiatives.

People & Sponsors

MJWebs draws upon the experience of several trusted individuals to deliver successful research projects.

Mitch Musarra

Solutions Architect

Contact Us

If you have a genuine interest and funding for a software development project with meaningful implications to your organisation or the wider community, please reach out to us.

Expenditure on MJWebs is eligible for the R&D tax incentive (businesses in Australia with an aggregated turnover of less than $20 million per annum).

Our main areas of research & development:

- Cyber security

- Cross-domain identity management in organisations

- Human resources and employee management

- Mental health resources & support

- Centralised patient health records

- Medical imaging & radiology workflow automation

- Emergency services & response automation

- Financial services / virtual card provisioning